Theresa and Bryan's Cuisinistry

Keeping on with our pork belly post lately, here is one of Italian preparation instead of the normal Chinese preparation we do: an all pork-belly prochetta, where the pork belly is scored, then cured with an aromatic mix of garlic, black peppercorn, fennel seeds, crush red pepper, sage. The belly is then rolled up and tied up with strings and roasted until the skin is crisp. You can see the detailed instruction from the Food Lab at Serious Eats here. This dish always turns out great and will definitely impress your guests. We like to serve it with a bright salad for contrast, this time we did a balsamic roasted beets salad with arugula, marcona almonds, and goat cheese (recipe from here).

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Close to a year after we got a pasta maker, we finally got around to try making homemade pasta! We used Anne Burrell’s recipe for the pappardelle (recipe here) and tossed it with a rich Bolognese sauce with porcini mushrooms, pancetta, and a mix of ground pork and ground skirt steak (recipe here, from Geoffrey Zakarian). 

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We are no expert when it comes to Italian food, but our friend Flavia was born and raised in Rome and made some amazing carbonara for us a few months ago that I have been dying to repeat.  She used guanciale instead of pancetta, which I thought was also a better complement to the pasta because it’s more cured and has a better flavor when caramelized.  She also revealed that a great site for authentic Italian recipes is actually the barilla website since barilla is an Italian company, and this is the recipe I used for the carbonara, found here.

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Last pizza post (finally finished the batch of dough we made!), this is inspired by our favorite Italian pizza spot, Piola). Pizza with arugula pesto (recipe from Food Network here), salami, onion, and Gorgonzola.

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